2 Chinese caught spraying dubious fertilizer on Vietnam field

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Police in the southern province of Tien Giang said they are investigating two Chinese men who were caught spraying a local pineapple field with growth-inducing steroids.

A source from the police told Tuoi Tre in a report Friday that Zhang Wenbin and Gao Rong had sprayed the field whose owner had agreed to sell fruit to them.

They were using a chemical brought from China that significantly boosts the size of fruit within two days, they said.

Police said the two arrived in Vietnam with a business visa but did not obtain a fruit trading permit. They have been buying from local farmers and reselling the products around the country and in China.

They reached an agreement with a local farmer identified only as Hoang to spray his field with chemicals from China. The men were caught while experimenting with the chemical on a part of Hoang's 10-hectare field on April 16.

Tien Giang cultivation authorities said Vietnam allows the use of several chemicals to delay the ripening of fruit, or to keep fruit fresh, but they must be used within limits set by law. They said further tests are needed to identify the chemical used by Wenbin and Rong.

"The tests will determine what the dangers the chemical might have caused to local plants, soil and environment in order to warn local farmers," an official said.Like us on Facebook and scroll down to share your comment

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