2 Chinese arrested for stealing bank accounts in Hanoi

Thanh Nien News

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Police in Hanoi have detained two Chinese nationals for stealing money from an ATM using stolen bank accounts.
Tian Yun Yun, 29, and Zhong Zheng, 16, were arrested last Saturday when withdrawing money from a booth in Ba Dinh District at 1 a.m.
Police seized from them VND210 million, or nearly US$10,000.
Tian told the police that he recruited Zhong on May 25, bringing devices to Vietnam to copy account information from the magnetic strip of bank cards and steal pin numbers. 
They then used the information to clone new cards.
Tian said he is a member of another ATM theft gang which was busted in Hanoi two months ago. He managed to escape while two Chinese accomplices were arrested.

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