2 Australians jailed for brutal attack on Vietnamese student

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An Australian court last week sentenced two men to ten and a half years and four and a half years in jail for a vicious unprovoked attack on a Vietnamese international student.

Shannon Hudson, 21, and Wayne O'Brien, 20, admitted to attacking Duong Minh Tuan in June while he was walking home in Melbourne.

The Australian media said Tuan had been kicked, punched, dragged on the street, and stabbed despite handing over his iPhone to the attackers who also robbed him.
When he lay unconscious from the brutal assault, Hudson picked up a brick and smashed it on his head. The brick broke into two.

News.com.au said the assault lasted for around ten minutes, with the victim called names including "yellow dog."

The Age newspaper quoted O'Brien as telling the police: "We're skinheads and we don't like Asian people ... don't like Jews, don't like Negroes, you know what I mean."

Local residents called the police after hearing screams and the victim was found shirtless by paramedics in a pool of his own blood.

Tuan from Ho Chi Minh City, who lives with his brother and a relative in Melbourne where he has been studying at the Swinburne University of Technology for two years now, suffered skull, face, and spinal fractures, swelling in his brain, and lacerations, and lost several teeth.

Hudson got ten and a half years. A third attacker was just 17 years old and so was not identified, but sent to reform school.

The attackers claimed to belong to a skinhead group known as Crazy Whiteboys.

An Indian student was stabbed to death while walking home in Melbourne in 2010, and there was a spate of attacks on Indian students.

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