16 foreigners accused of fraud in Hanoi

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Investigators from the Ministry of Public Security have arrested 16 foreigners in Hanoi on suspicion of fraud.


Authorities say that a crew of sixteen foreigners (eight Chinese and eight Taiwanese nationals) rented a house in Cau Giay District and used it as a headquarters for a telecommunications scam.


The crew allegedly targeted people in other countries. They posed as police investigators or bank staff and called to inform their targets that their bank accounts were at risk of being attacked by criminals.


The targets were told to call a phone number which also belonged to the ring and transfer their money to a given bank account, investigators said.


It was estimated that the ring conned its victims out of hundreds of thousands of US dollars and yuan.


Previously 135 suspects have been busted in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces of Binh Duong and Can Tho. They were accused of employing the same ruse.


The ringleaders are believed to be based in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and elsewhere in Asia. Investigators claim the crooks mainly target people in China and Taiwan. 


According to Interpol, these types of criminals first appeared in Taiwan several years ago. They managed to hustle hundreds of thousands to a million dollars in each case.

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