10-ton whale caught in southern Vietnam

TN News

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Thousands of people arrived at Ganh Hao Estuary on May 19 to see a 10-ton whale being taken ashore by local fishermen.

Fishermen Nguyen Tri Hai said the whale became entangled in his net when he was fishing around 40 nautical miles away from the estuary in Bac Lieu Province's Dong Hai District.

The whale was alive and struggled violently but died soon after the fishermen brought it to the surface, he said.

More than ten other fishing boats helped him tow the whale to the shore. It was around ten meters long and weighed more than ten tons.

Nguyen Kien Thien, vice director of Bac Lieu Department of Health said local authorities and the fishermen had agreed to bury the whale at a site near the coast in the province's Dong Hai District.

Vietnamese fishermen worship whales and have sworn to never kill them.

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