10 people arrested for attacking cop, park rangers

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Dong Nai Province police have arrested 10 people for a brazen attack on two park rangers and a police officer Friday night in Vinh Cuu District.

Nguyen Duc An, Bui Van Vuong, Le Xuan Hao, Huynh Van Tuoi and Tran Huu Tuan will be investigated for "deliberately injuring others."

Vo Thi Luom, Bui Van Tri, Dang Van Nghe, Nguyen Van Ngoc and Tran Van Thanh are vacing charges of "opposing government officials in the execution of their duties."

Preliminary police reports said that park rangers from the Suoi Rang Forest Protection Station in Vinh Cuu's Phu Ly District seized three wild brush-tailed porcupines from a group of local men October 22.

Investigators said those three men then hired several others to attack the rangers in revenge October 26.  

They waited outside the station and attacked station head Pham Van Nong, breaking his left arm, as he went home that evening.

Nong's deputy, Nguyen Tien Toi, was also attacked by the same men as he arrived at the station to take his shift, police said.

They called the Phu Ly Commune Police and a combined force of rangers and police officers arrested a man, whose identity was not made available, and took him to the Suoi Rang station for investigation.

Soon after, dozens of people surrounded the station and several people attacked local police officer Tran Ngoc Vinh, saying that the man who had been arrested was not involved in the incident.

When the commune police took the arrestee to their station, the mob blocked the police car and freed him.

Over the next few days, police arrested 13 people but released three on bail.


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Police have brought in several other people for questioning in the investigation.

The three men originally caught carrying the wildlife are among the ten currently detained.

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