10 held in Vietnam for attacking police, rangers

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Police in the southern province in Dong Nai Monday detained 10 people for pending criminal charges over their attacks on police officers and forest rangers.

The men, mostly in their 20s and 30s, will be held for two months on charges of "deliberately causing injuries" and "obstructing government officials in the execution of their duties."

On October 26 five of them had viciously assaulted two forest rangers who seized three brush-tailed porcupines the men had trapped illegally.

The commune police arrived and arrested a man named Binh who was coming out of the rangers' office at the time though he was unconnected with the five.

Seeing him being arrested, five of his friends attacked a police officer and a forest ranger who came to the latter's assistance.

The police said around 50 people tried to stop the police car to help release Binh.

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