1 more accident at troubled Hanoi railway construction site

Thanh Nien News. Video courtesy of VietNamNet

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Workers at a Hanoi elevated railway site Monday caused a small fire when they were welding a scaffolding that had twice collapsed in the past, slightly injuring several motorists on the street below.
The Ha Dong-Cat Linh project, notorious for the two deadly collapses recently, just became scarier after sparks from a welding torch set the net covering the frames on fire, news website VietNamNet reported.
Traffic was heavy at the time and several people on motorbikes below were singed by the fire.
One motorist, who had a finger burnt, said: “It’s very dangerous, but we have no other road; so we just have to take the risk and travel below the work site every day.”
Le Minh Son, chairman of PetroVietnam Infrastructure and Urban Investment JSC, has apologized for the “regretful incident” in the media on behalf of China Railway Sixth Group Co. Ltd., the Chinese state-owned contractor.
Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang earlier this month suspended the project after calling it “the worst in Vietnam” because of the two collapses.
In one of them, concrete and steel fell during of construction on December 28, burying a passing taxi and badly damaging several parked cars. The taxi driver and three passengers were rescued.
On November 6 a crane cable suddenly broke, sending a steel beam crashing into several motorbikes.
Nguyen Nhu Ngoc, 33, was killed on the spot and three others were injured.
Work on the 13-km track was slated to start in 2008 and finish in November 2013.
But it only began in October 2011.
The delay caused the estimated cost of US$552 million to increase by $339 million.

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