1 dead in multi-vehicle crash on Hanoi overpass

By Ha An-Nam Anh, Thanh Nien News

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At least one person died and six were injured after a taxi crashed into seven motorbikes on an overpass in Hanoi on Sunday evening, local police said.
At around 10:50 p.m. the Vinataxi cab hit the motorbikes, which were traveling ahead of it, on the Thai Ha-Chua Boc Overpass in Dong Da District.
After the multi-crash, the cab plunged into the guardrail to its right and stopped.
Some people on the motorbikes were thrown onto the guardrail and passed out. Broken pieces from their damaged motorbikes were hurled up. 
The scene was messy and disturbing, eyewitnesses said.
After the cab stopped, its driver, who was later identified as Dang Ngoc Cuong, 40, opened the door and rushed towards the guardrail.
He climbed over it and jumped down to the road below from a height of 10 meters, according to eyewitnesses.
Nearby residents rushed the injured to hospital. One of the victims succumbed to his severe injuries later.
According to some eyewitnesses, before causing the crashes, the taxi driver was involved in a collision with a semi-truck.
Two young men on the semi-truck jumped off the road and chased after the cab, trying to stop it.
After the men got ahead of the cab, Cuong sped up and threw one of them onto the cab’s hood.
The other man returned the semi-truck and chased after the cab.
Both the cab and the semi-truck were speeding. When the cab arrived at the overpass, it first hit two motorbikes, causing the man on the cab’s hood to fall on the ground.
The cab traveled around 30 meters before hitting five more motorbikes.
Eyewitnesses said the cabby seemed terrified and intended to commit suicide after causing the crashes.
He has recovered after treatment.
Hanoi police said investigations are underway.

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