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Vietnamese consumers have developed a strong taste for Thai products. Photo: Manh Quan

Thai products invade Vietnam

In the past two decades, Thailand has become the preferred country of origin for Vietnam's growing middle-class, which is...

Wild about wildlife

Wild about wildlife

German zoologist has engaged in conservation efforts in Vietnam for nearly 30 years

A customer shopping at Harnn & Thann in Saigon Center at 65 Le Loi Boulevard in Ho Chi Minh City

Bring nature to you

If you cannot go to nature, you can bring nature to your house and life with natural products.

Olive Oil shampoo and olive oil perfumed candles are one of the typical products at L’Apothiquaire Artisan Beaute®.

From Italy with love

Nature is hard to find in Ho Chi Minh City. Each morning, you have to strain your ears to hear the sound of...

A path to somewhere

A path to somewhere

It takes some getting to, but a bamboo-lined dirt road makes it worthwhile