Vietnam's government is now officially on Facebook

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The Facebook page of the government news website The Facebook page of the government news website


The Vietnamese government has launched two official Facebook pages, signaling its growing willingness to embrace social media to reach out to the wider public.
Vi Quang Dao, general director of the government's news website, said at a press briefing Tuesday that information regarding government activities and instructions from the cabinet has been published on two Facebook pages, “Thong tin Chinh phu” (Government information) and “Dien dan canh tranh quoc gia” (The National Competitiveness Forum). The latter is still on a trial period.
“We hope that information will reach the public more easily,” Dao said.
He said the government plans to sign an official contract with Facebook to operate the pages officially.
Le Manh Ha, vice chairman of the government office, said at the meeting that the Facebook pages are part of an e-government plan that aims to bring all public services to the Internet by the end of 2016.
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung at a government meeting in January urged government officials to embrace social networks, which more than 30 million people in Vietnam are using every day.
“We won’t be able to ban social networks. The important thing is we should provide more accurate information there to create public confidence,” he said, as cited by VnEconomy.
Vietnam’s health minister is reportedly the first official to take the initiative by launching her official Facebook page in March to provide health information and receive questions from the public.

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