Vietnam's embassy Libya robbed

TN News

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Vietnam's embassy in Libya has been robbed by a group of armed bandits, VnExpress quoted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying Sunday.

According to the ministry, the theft on Saturday left no one hurt, but several properties of the embassy in Triopoli missing.

Following the attack, the ministry contacted the embassy and asked for help from Libya's representative office in Hanoi as well as the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to guarantee the embassy's security.

Several embassies of other countries in Tripoli have been attacked as well, the newswire reported.

The ministry said that despite complicated happenings in Libya, the Vietnamese ambassador and four officials have yet to leave the country, adding that currently some 60 diplomatic agencies of other countries are still operating in Libya.

According to a Reuters report Monday, after days of confusion and sporadic skirmishing with the remnants of Gaddafi's forces, the rebel leadership is seeking to establish control. Meanwhile, food, water and other supplies were running short across the capital.

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