Vietnam welcomes int'l moves for East Sea peace

TN News

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Vietnam welcomes international efforts to maintain peace and stability in the East Sea, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Nguyen Phuong Nga said last week

"Maintaining peace, stability, security, maritime safety in the East Sea is the common interest of countries inside and outside the region," Nga was cited as saying in a posting on the ministry's website Saturday. "Therefore, every effort by the international community in maintaining peace and stability in the East Sea is welcome."

"Vietnam consistently pursues a foreign policy of peace, independence, autonomy, based on Vietnam's own internal efforts and resources to resolve disputes with the countries concerned through peaceful means, on the basis of international law," she said.

The statement came after three Chinese boats deliberately harassed Viking II, an exploration ship, in Vietnamese waters in the East Sea last Thursday.

The latest incident took place just two weeks after a Chinese "marine surveillance" vessel on May 26 cut exploration cables of the Binh Minh 02, another Vietnamese oil survey ship in Vietnam's continental shelf.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the Chinese actions have created "continuous tension" in the East Sea.

Nga also reaffirmed that Vietnam advocates settlement of disputes in the East Sea through peaceful means.

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