Vietnam wants to settle sea disputes peacefully: official

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Vietnam wants to settle sea disputes by peaceful measures, deputy foreign minister Pham Quang Vinh said at the Expanded ASEAN Maritime Forum (EAMF) in Manila, Vietnam News Agency reported Monday.

The event in the Philippines opened on October 5, was the first "expanded" AMF conference.

The meeting was held back-to-back with the third ASEAN Maritime Forum (AMF) in Manila on October 3 and 4.

Addressing the event, Vinh said Vietnam supported the strengthening regional maritime links on the basis of international law and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), for the interests of each country and the entire region.

He stressed the need to build trust and boost cooperation to ensure peace, stability, security and maritime safety.

He emphasized the need to settle disputes peacefully and on the basis of international law, the 1982 UNCLOS, and regional agreements like the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (TAC) in the Southeast Asia, and the Declaration of Code of Conducts of Parties in the East Sea (DOC).

He also said it would be important to achieve a fully-realized Code of Conduct in the East Sea (COC).


He also highlighted ASEAN's central role in coordinating regional maritime cooperation, especially in working out the agenda and defining the bloc's priority fields of cooperation.


Vinh underscored importance of the active implementation of ASEAN initiatives on cooperation in marine environment, coping with natural disasters and accidents at sea, especially helping seaman and boats in distress.


During the AMF and EAMF, ASEAN members and East Asian partners agreed to increase cooperation and build trust in order to create a favorable environment for maritime cooperation.


They also emphasized respect for international law, the 1982 UNCLOS, TAC, DOC, the six-point Principles on the East Sea and the settlement of all disputes through peaceful negotiations.


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