Vietnam to solve postwar bomb consequences with all resources

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Vietnam will gather all resources and join with international organizations until 2025 in a program to address the fallout from prior wars caused by bombs and mines, according to a conference in Hanoi Monday.

Under the national program announced by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, Vietnam will complete surveys and maps of areas polluted with bombs across the country, Vietnam News Agency reported. 

The country also will continue detecting unexploded ordnances (UXOs) on some 800,000 hectares of land, the news agency quoted the prime minister as saying.

People in affected areas will be provided with various support, such as education about how to prevent accidents related to mines and bombs.

In the meantime, many ambassadors and representatives of international organizations pledged that they will continue cooperating with and supporting Vietnam in its efforts to remedy postwar damage.

US Ambassador David Bruce Shear said his country hopes to closely collaborate with Vietnam and international organizations to address the fallout from the war in Vietnam, including treating UXOs.

Surveys showed that at least 42,130 people have been killed and more than 62,160 have been injured by explosive items left after wars, the news agency reported. Around 1,530 people are killed and some 2,270 are injured on average every year.

Meanwhile, bomb-polluted lands account for more than 20 percent of Vietnam's total land area, causing difficulties in production and living, as well as affecting the country's economic and social development.


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"It has been tens of years since the wars ended, but they still have left heartwrenching consequences, including hundreds of thousands of bombs, which cause deaths and losses every day in Vietnam, burdening many families and the society," said Dung, chief of the newly established central steering committee for the program.

However, he said over years, the Vietnamese government has given special care to address the fallout, such as issuing many related policies and spending trillions of dong on the effort.

Together with support from other countries, Vietnam has already treated millions of UXOs and cleared hundreds of thousands of hectares of polluted land, Dung said.

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