Vietnam to release over 15,000 inmates in National Day amnesty

TN News

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President Truong Tan Sang has amnestied 15,446 prisoners, including 16 foreigners, on the occasion of National Day (September 2).


They include four were convicted on national security-related charges. Duong Duc Phong and Hoang Hung Quyen had been convicted of espionage, and Y Kon Nie and Y Huong Nie were jailed for "sabotaging national solidarity policies."


The 16 foreigners include five Chinese, four Cambodians, two Taiwanese and Malaysians each, and one American, Belgian, and Australian each. 


Deputy Minister of Public Security Senior Lieutenant General Le Quy Vuong said the Penal Code does not have any provisions on political crimes, only about "infringement of national security" offences, when he was asked by Reuters about the amnesty for political prisoners at a press conference Thursday.


Prisons across the country will release the amnestied prisoners Friday.


Last year more than 10,000 prisoners were amnestied for National Day.

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