Vietnam to reform legislative body: NA chief

TN News

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Measures will be taken to reform Vietnam's legislature, including giving its delegates more power to supervise provincial and central issues, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said.

It's not enough if the assembly only performs its supervisory function at its twice-yearly sessions, Hung told a press briefing Saturday. Instead he suggested legislators meet with their fellow committee members every month. 

The goal is to give delegates broader supervisory powers, he said. They will not only supervise their own cities and provinces, but will have the authority to look into an issue at a central level, he added.

Hung told the press that as a body of lawmakers, the National Assembly will also have to reform the process of drafting, discussing and passing new laws.

"The whole process has to be carried out rigorously," he said, adding that all laws and regulations that have been passed must be applied into practical use.

Hung, previously a deputy prime minister, was elected chairman of the 13th National Assembly late last month.

He said his background as a cabinet member is an advantage that he can use to fulfill his new task. But Hung said he would have to try to "listen" more and would not mistake his current and previous jobs.

Responding a question on the East Sea situation, Hung said Vietnam will firmly protect its sovereignty and try its best to maintain regional and international peace, stability and development.

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