Vietnam to join international efforts to support Pakistan

TN News

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Vietnam will supply emergency assistance to Pakistani victims of massive flooding earlier this month, a Vietnamese representative at the UN has said.


Bui The Giang, Vietnam's deputy ambassador to the United Nations, said during a meeting of the General Assembly of the UN on Thursday and Friday last week that Vietnam will continue to cooperate with the UN and international community to help Pakistan recover from the disaster.


The region's worst flooding in 80 years has affected 14 million people across the country, killing 1,600 and leaving around four million people homeless, the UN estimates.


The World Health Organization in Islamabad said the real casualties would be higher as the waters recede.


Giang said Vietnam will try to deliver both emergency and long-term aid to support for recovery of the economy, society and environment.


Foreign ministers from more than 10 countries and representatives of 50 others at the meeting promised to give more than US$200 million in emergency aid to Pakistan.


The Asia Development Bank said it will give Pakistan at least $2 billion in the next two years for reconstruction efforts.


By the end of last week, flood aid to Pakistan had reached $490.7 million including $102 million from the US, the biggest donor do far.

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