Vietnam to add freedom to stricter administrative punishment

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A draft law submitted to Vietnam National Assembly Thursday punishes administrative violations with cash fines of up to US$95,200 and proposes to save prostitutes from rehabs.


The draft law on administrative violation punishment raises the minimum penalty by five times to VND50,000 ($2.38) and the maximum by four times to VND2 billion, for heavy violations in currency, banking, stock market, natural resources, land and environment sectors.


It allows the fines to be adjusted according to price fluctuation to make the punishment relevant in any given economic situation, a Tuoi Tre report said Friday.


For people who delay paying their fines, the bill imposes a daily interest rate of 0.05 percent, until the authorities have to force the payment.


But the draft also attempts to give more freedom and democracy.


The punished persons can defend themselves or hire a lawyer if they are fined more than VND50 million, have their business suspended or license withdrawn, the draft law says.


Meanwhile, prostitutes who are caught will no longer be sent to rehab center for "recovery of human dignity" as current regulations require.



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The rehab condition is too strict, the government said. It isolates prostitutes from the community while their violation is not dangerous enough for their freedom to be restricted, the draft bill said.


Many prostitutes, who are between 16 to 18 years old, are being sent to rehab centers, but they need to be treated as victims and not criminals, according to international conventions.

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