Vietnam takes umbrage with US human rights report

TN News

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Vietnam's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has voiced its objection to a 2012 human rights report issued by the US Department of State, Vietnam News Agency reported.

Ministry spokesman Luong Thanh Nghi said Sunday the report, while acknowledging some of Vietnam's achievements in ensuring human rights, nevertheless also included subjective criticism of Vietnam's human rights record based on erroneous information.

He said the report does not help relations between the two nations.

"Vietnam and the US are maintaining a regular dialogue on human rights.

"We hope that via the constructive and frank discussions the latest having taken place on April 12 the two sides will come to hold realistic and objective views about each other's human rights situation, which will boost mutual understanding and the bilateral relationship," he told the press.

Nghi also stated that the state of Vietnam always respects people's basic rights and that every citizen can assert their rights within the framework of Vietnamese law.

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