Vietnam protests US statement on gathering arrests

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The Vietnamese foreign ministry has rejected a statement by the US embassy related to the recent arrest of demonstrators in Hanoi, saying it was "wrong and inappropriate."

A few people was arrested last Sunday for "gathering illegally and causing public disorders" after the authorities of Hanoi had banned all unauthorized demonstrations, marches and gatherings across the city.

The US embassy later expressed its concerns over the arrest and called for the release of the arrestees.

Nguyen Phuong Nga, the foreign ministry spokeperson, told a press briefing on Thursday that "In Vietnam, citizens' fundamental freedom rights are clearly regulated in the constitution and laws, and are guaranteed in reality."

"Just like any other country with jurisdiction in the world, citizens' freedom rights have to be conducted in accordance with laws," Nga said.

Moreover, Vietnam's agencies dealt with the people who illegally gathered and caused public disorders in line with laws, Nga stressed.

Nga said three people whose "extreme activities" caused public disorders during the Sunday gathering are still in police custody for further investigation.

On August 18, Hanoi's authorities banned all unauthorized demonstrations, marches and gatherings across the city, citing political and security concerns.

They also warned that if anyone deliberately refuses to follow the order, all necessary measures will be taken to maintain public security.

According to the People's Committee, since June many demonstrations, marches and gatherings protesting China's violation of Vietnam's sovereignty have been taking place every Sunday.

Some of the recent activities, however, have been provoked by anti-government forces, they said.

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