Vietnam plans to seize illegal foreign vessels, impose hefty fine

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Vietnam's agriculture ministry has suggested imposing fines of up to US$4,800, in addition to confiscating foreign fishing boats operating illegally in the country's seawaters.

Foreign boats fishing in Vietnamese waters without a license, or with one that has been expired for more than 30 days, would receive fines between VND50-100 million ($2,400-4,800), while the boats would be seized and the crew members expelled from Vietnam, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said in the draft submitted to the Justice Ministry for consultation.

It said boats found operating in Vietnamese waters without a Vietnamese flag would be fined between VND10 and 20 million.

Vietnamese who collude with foreigners to illegally fish in the country would be fined between VND30-50 million and have their license revoked for six to 12 months.

Those found fishing illegally abroad would be fined VND20-30 million and those caught organizing such activities would be penalized to the tune of VND50-100 million, the draft said.

The draft was introduced in the wake of several incidents in which Chinese boats violated Vietnam's sea sovereignty off its central coast, falsely claiming the waters belonged to China and attacking Vietnamese fishermen.

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