Vietnam party leader reaffirms Ho Chi Minh Thoughts

TN News

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Communist Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh has called for stricter measures to tackle corruption as a way of implementing President Ho Chi Minh's ideologies.

"All organizations in the political system, government offices and enterprises must have strict measures to effectively tackle red tape, corruption and the squandering of money, he said at a ceremony on May 18 in Hanoi to mark the country's founding president's 120th birthday.

"Inspections should be enforced and there should be strict measures against those violating laws and [Party members violating] Party principles no matter who or what their position are, he added.

He reaffirmed Ho Chi Minh's ideologies that "led the Vietnamese revolution and its people to a brighter future.

The true value of his ideologies is that they have a strong relevance to life, he said.

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