Vietnam Party launches anticorruption committee

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An anti-corruption committee recently founded under the Vietnamese Communist Party will not succumb to "temptation" or "fear," Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has pledged at the agency's launch.

Headed by Trong, the Central Steering Committee on Corruption Prevention has 16 members, including seven officials from the Politburo the Party's decision-making body.

Nguyen Ba Thanh, the populist leader from Da Nang was appointed as the committee's de facto number two.

In yet another move to beef up the anti-graft drive, the Party has also since early this month revived its Interior Commission which was merged with the Party Office in 2007, and appointed Thanh its chief.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of the anti-corruption committee last week, Trong said the Politburo established the committee due to the need to fight and prevent corruption.

He said although the Party and the government have gotten "tough," there remain "many things to do."

Moreover, it is important to be much "tougher" and more "patient" when undertaking the anti-corruption mission, because it is "very difficult" and "complex" due to the involvement of people in authority, according to the Party chief.

Trong also asked each member of the committee to set a good moral example by "not being tempted by any benefits" and "not fearing any force."

"We have to pledge together that each member of the committee will be a good example of uprightness, honesty, justice, and objectiveness, or the people will not trust us."

Previously, a committee with the same name operated under the government and was headed by the prime minister. But it was dissolved by the National Assembly, Vietnam's legislature, at a session last November.

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