Vietnam outlaws anonymous whistleblowers

TN News

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Vietnam's parliament outlawed anonymous denunciations such as those via e-mail, fax and telephone in a session on Friday.

Lawmakers approved the Law on Complaints and Denunciations, which says citizens who report to competent authorities about illegal acts of any agencies, organizations or individuals must state their identity.

According to the National Assembly Standing Committee, denunciations via e-mail, fax and telephone are not allowed because authorities cannot ensure the accuracy of the information provided by anonymous sources.

Anonymous sources would cause distortion of information, slander and public disorder, the committee said, adding that it could lead to the distribution of false information on the Internet, which affects the prestige of officials and state offices.

Although whistleblowers must provide their identity, the Law on Complaints and Denunciations says whistleblowers and their families will be protected if their safety is at risk.

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