Vietnam metro trims land, housing procedures

TN News

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The administration of Ho Chi Minh City has decided to eliminate 29 administrative procedures at all levels, most of them concerning land, housing and construction.


Procedures eliminated at the city level include one that requires residents to notify authorities of any outmigration, so that the government can retrieve the empty house or keep it for rent; and another that requires residents to obtain permision to grant the authority to manage and use houses to others.


Eighteen of the eliminated procedures were used at district levels, including those used to: legalize the transfer of lease permits for state-owned houses; issue and change house numbers; change terms of the house lease contract; change the design approved with the construction permit; repair state-owned houses under previous design; repair or construct state-funded constructions; and grant permits for repairing or expanding existing houses.


Procedures eliminated at the ward and commune levels had to do with confirming the house and land conditions and confirming the time for construction projects.


The procedures will be abolished from September 18.


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