Vietnam legislature agrees on need for demonstration bill

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Vietnam's parliament Saturday agreed to begin drafting a law on demonstration during its office term from now until 2016, the VnExpress newswire reported Saturday.

According to the unicameral National Assembly's Standing Committee, the law needs to be drafted to create a legal tool for Vietnamese people to enjoy their rights and for the government to control demonstrations in accordance with law.

The bill must ensure that the right to demonstrate will not be abused to undermine security, the interests of the government, as well as the rights and interests of people and organizations, it said.

The VnExpress report said that besides the law on demonstration, lawmakers also agreed to introduce 122 other laws into the drafting project together with nine ordinances.

The National Assembly also announced Saturday that they will supervise a range of solutions that the government has suggested to solve problems and make improvements in traffic, education, agriculture, finance and banking.

Among these are solutions to decrease traffic accidents by 5-10 percent annually from next year and lessen congestion in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, it said.


Bill on demonstration sparks controversy among Vietnamese lawmakers

Last week, lawmakers argued over whether or not a law on demonstrations was necessary. Some found it unnecessary, saying it would undermine national security, while others agreed with the government, saying it would guarantee the basic rights of citizens.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung Friday urged the legislature to give green light to drafting the law, saying that it is to secure people's freedom legally.

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