Vietnam lawmakers discuss new bill for state sector workers

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The National Assembly Standing Committee on Tuesday discussed several provisions of a new bill for employees at state-run organizations including the granting of permanent contracts.

They also debated the merits of giving state-run organizations more autonomy to decide on employment and salary issues.

The new bill is expected to take effect on January 1, 2012.

The bill aims to cover more than 1.6 million workers at schools, hospitals and other organizations in science, culture, sports and public transport sectors.

The time period for employment contracts will range from six months to indefinite under the new bill.

It also says employees on the official payroll before July 1, 2003 will automatically be given permanent contracts.

National Assembly Vice Chairman Huynh Ngoc Son said benefits for personnel working before July 2003 need to be ensured even if there are changes in regulations.

But Nguyen Van Thuan, chairman of the Law Committee, said such favorable treatment will allow unqualified employees to stay on the payroll as long as they have worked for long enough.

"In reality there are people at state-run organizations who do not want to strive"¦ We need to have mechanisms to control those who are professionally and morally unqualified and give them only one or two years to improve instead of allowing them to stay on forever."

Thuan also spoke against granting more autonomy to state-run organizations, saying their leaders could overuse the increased power for personal benefit. More autonomy needs to be accompanied by in creased supervision, he said.


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