Vietnam lawmakers back plan to terminate firing squads

TN News

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Many Vietnamese legislators on Monday were in support of a new proposal, starting July next year, to replace firing squads with the lethal injection when executing criminals.

All death sentences in Vietnam, mostly handed out for drug trafficking and murder, are carried out by a firing squad.

The National Assembly's Standing Committee, however, proposed that the lethal injection be used instead, saying that it caused less pain, kept bodies intact and at the same time was less stressful for the executors.

Chairwoman of the Judicial Committee Le Thi Thu Ba said many countries have used the lethal injection and that the method was quite easy to apply in terms of technology.

The Ministry of Public Security has also researched the method and created a plan to implement it in Vietnam, she said.

Many deputies said at a meeting on Monday that they supported the proposed new method. However, some others suggested execution by gunfire should not be eliminated, saying that the method can act as a deterrent against criminals.

But Deputy Chairwoman of the Judicial Committee Le Thi Nga said taking away the lives of criminals is already a deterrent, regardless of the execution method used.

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