Vietnam demands China stop wrongful acts in Hoang Sa

Vietnam News Agency

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Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Le Hai Binh. Photo: Truong Son Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Le Hai Binh. Photo: Truong Son


Vietnam once again requests China respect its sovereignty and international law, abide by the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC) and immediately stop wrongful actions, Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Le Hai Binh has said.
His statement was in reply to reporters’ queries on October 28 about Vietnam’s response to China’s announcement that it finished construction on two lighthouses on Duy Mong (Drummond) island and Hai Sam (Antelope) reef in the Luoi Liem (Crescent) cluster, Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago of Vietnam.
“Vietnam has many times refuted the so-called ‘Sansha city’, and the declaration of the so-called ‘administration of Sansha city’ on concluding the construction of two lighthouses on islands and reefs in Hoang Sa is a further serious violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty over Hoang Sa, international law and the DOC signed between ASEAN and China in 2002, exacerbating tension and seriously threatening peace and stability in the region,” the spokesman said.
He emphasized that China’s actions in any forms and for any purpose on Vietnam’s Hoang Sa archipelago are void.

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