Vietnam Communist Party chief pledges to modernize

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Nguyen Phu Trong, the newly elected Party Chief, has pledged to faithfully execute the 11th Congress resolution and improve internal debate during his 2011-2015 tenure.

"I am working without thinking about leaving an impression, polishing my image and proving myself," he told the media after the conference's final session on Wednesday.

"[My] duty, as a Party member, is to seriously carry out the Party resolution."

Trong said the resolution focuses on enforcing the strength of the Party and solidarity of the Vietnamese people while boosting economic development.


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"It is important to create a foundation, by 2015, for an industrialized and modernized country by 2020," he said. "Further, in a ten-year strategy, we plan to make three major breakthroughs in the areas of infrastructure, human resources and regulations."

When asked whether he would be prepared to answer questions from other Party members during his tenure, Trong answered by mentioning active questioning sessions at the National Assembly that he chairs.

"I told the National Assembly that asking questions is good. It can bring better understanding, raise different opinions, clarify responsibility and lead to solutions," he said, adding that questioning had become "rather rare" among the Party's Central Committee recently.

Trong also said the Party's election had been democratic.

"There was democracy during personnel debates at the Congress but most [elected members] were proposed by the Central Committee," he said. "I think the question is also an answer. The Central Committee has made careful preparations at different levels."

Trong pointed out that seven members were not elected to be members of the Central Committee despite having been nominated by the body.

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