Vietnam, China agree to strengthen defense cooperation

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Vietnam and China agreed on various measures to strengthen their defense cooperation at a dialogue between the countries' deputy defense ministers in Beijing, Vietnam News Agency reported Tuesday.

At the meeting on Sunday, Vietnam's deputy defense minister Nguyen Chi Vinh and his Chinese counterpart, Ma Xiaotian, agreed to establish a hotline between the two ministries soon, and expand training between their military institutes among other measures, the news source said.

The two officials also discussed East Sea disputes, agreeing to settle them with peaceful measures.

Ma said peace would benefit both countries, while counter actions would make them suffer.

Meanwhile, Vinh said to solve the issues, the two countries need to respect history, but at the same time to abide by international laws.

Those issues related to many countries need to be solved in a multilateral way, while those related to two countries need to be solved bilaterally, VNA quoted the Vietnamese deputy minister as saying.

"Vietnam doesn't intend to internationalize issues between Vietnam and China," he said, stressing that the two countries need to deal with issues publicly and clearly.

He reiterated that Vietnam respects its relationship with China and hopes to acquire win-win measures, VNA reported. 

Vietnam is willing to cooperate with China in disputes in accordance with international laws, according to Vinh.

In the long-term, the two parties will seek for solutions acceptable to both, but while they are yet to be able to do so, "they are definitely not allowed to use violence, or even think about using violence," he stressed.

Vinh also announced at the meeting Vietnam's determination to stop illegal gatherings in Vietnam, saying that at the moment hotile forces are using incorrect arguments to cause bad effects on Vietnam's government and the Party as well as its relationship with China.

He urged the countries to make information public and clear on forums, so people understand East Sea issues and the intention to solve issues within their friendship.

"It's an obvious fact that China pledges not to take Vietnam's land and sea, and Vietnam never makes unprincipled concessions  in terms of sovereignty."

"And, Vietnam never relies on any other country to counter China," Vinh was quoted as saying.

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