Vietnam, Cambodia strengthen anti-human trafficking agreement

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An agreement on amendments to a 2005 Vietnam-Cambodia convention on combating the trafficking of women and children was signed in Ho Chi Minh City on Friday.

The latest adjustments were aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the countries' cooperation in preventing the crime, rescuing and sending victims home, and guaranteeing their border's political and social stability, Vietnam News Agency reported.

It said the countries made the changes after several shortcomings caused by the absence of legal frameworks and detailed regulations had emerged during the implementation of the original agreement, signed on October 10, 2005.

Meanwhile, human trafficking has been on the increase along the border of Vietnam and Cambodia, given the large amount of people who cross the border for various purposes including business and tourism, the news report quoted Vietnam's Ministry of Public Security's Anti-Crime General Department as saying.

Representatives of both signatories, Vietnamese Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang and Cambodian Minister of Women's Affairs Ing Kantha Pha Vi expressed their appreciation for each other's countries' efforts as well as their close and effective cooperation in combating the crime.

Since the convention was signed, Vietnamese forces have encountered 45 cases of human trafficking in which 11 people were arrested and 92 local victims were rescued and returned home, the news agency reported.

Among the victims were four children who were trafficked into prostitution in Cambodia this year, according to the Vietnamese ministry's department.

Vietnamese women are often sold into prostitution at casinos, cock-fighting dens, massages parlors and motels along the countries' border. They are also often sold to countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and China, according to the department.

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