US wants expanded scientific cooperation with Vietnam

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The US wants to expand cooperation with Vietnam on science and technology, the US presidential science envoy has said during her visit to Vietnam.

"Vietnam is clearly a country on the move," Dr. Rita Colwell said. "Expanding US-Vietnam collaboration in science, technology, and engineering is one of the best ways to underpin the dynamism of Vietnam's economy and people."

During her five-day visit to Vietnam, which ended Friday, Colwell met with senior Vietnamese government officials and representatives from the scientific, education, nonprofit, and business communities.

Their discussions covered a wide range of topics, from climate change to public health, mathematics education and innovation, the US Embassy in Hanoi said in a statement.

It was her third trip abroad after she was named Science Envoy in September 2010. Colwell is a renowned microbiologist and infectious disease expert, according to the US Embassy.

The US Science Envoy Program was announced in June 2009. Since then, six American scientists have been selected on behalf of the US to build international partnerships through scientific exchange.

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