US to fork over $524,000 to war victims in Vietnam

TN News

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The nonprofit organization Clear Path International (CPI) has received a US$524,000 grant from the US government to assist present-day victims of Vietnam War era land mines and bombs.


The grant was issued by the US Department of State's Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, CPI said in a release last week.


"This grant will enable us to expand our programming to every province in Vietnam and reach accident survivors that otherwise would not receive the assistance they need," said Kiman Lucas, Executive Director of CPI, which has been active in Vietnam since 2000.


More bombs were dropped on Vietnam than all those dropped by all sides in World War I and World War II combined.

With failure rates reaching 30 percent, it is estimated that up to 800,000 tons of unexploded ordnances (UXOs) still remain in Vietnam, hampering development in addition to claiming lives and limbs on a regular basis.


Up to 40 percent of those killed or maimed are children under 16, it said.


CPI, which assists civilian victims of war in post-conflict zones, currently runs projects in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.


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