US statement an interference in internal affairs: FM spokeswoman

TN News

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The US was interfering in Vietnam's domestic affairs in issuing a press statement on the conviction of a man sentenced for propagandizing against the Vietnamese government, foreign ministry spokeswoman Nguyen Phuong Nga said Tuesday.


Nga was addressing a periodical press conference, two days after the US Department of State issued the press statement on its website, saying that US is "deeply concerned" by the conviction of Cu Huy Ha Vu.


Vu was sentenced to seven years in prison at a trial held by Hanoi People's Court on Monday for "distributing propaganda against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam." 


Nga said Vietnam is a country with jurisdiction, dealing with illegal actions in accordance with its laws as well as international regulations, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.


In Vietnam, citizens' freedom and democratic rights, including the right to free speech, are all enshrined in its Constitution and applied in reality, she said.


She also said that Vietnam had no so-called "prisoners of conscience" as stated by the US department.

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