US President looks forward to Vietnam visit

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US President Barack Obama has expressed his intention to visit Vietnam in the near future, the president told Vietnamese ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong who just extended his tenure there.


Cuong met President Obama to present his credentials after Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet appointed him for another term as ambassador, a Saigon Tiep Thi report said Friday.


Obama congratulated the ambassador on his new position and sent his greetings to the Vietnamese president and other leaders.


He noted significant recent improvements in the relationship between Vietnam and the US in various fields, including economy, commerce, security, health, environment, education, science and technology, and anti-nuclear power arms campaign.


The president said the two countries should keep up the good relationship and develop it into a partnership for mutual interests in the stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region.


Cuong said his most important job during the new term is to make Vietnam and the US become strategic partners.


The relationship between Vietnam and the US has developed strongly in the 16 years after normalization of ties, with cooperation in humanitarian issues such as the search for MIA remains, Agent Orange rehabilitation, and global issues like climate change, terrorism and nuclear power, he noted.


However, the target of becoming strategic partners was still hindered by barriers including conflicts in the past and different attitudes over democracy, humanitarian issues and religion.


However, the two countries have set up a regular system of dialogue to boost mutual understanding, the ambassador said.


Besides developing the relationship between the two countries, Cuong said he said his job was to make Vietnamese people overseas care more about their home country.


The ambassador said he would visit different US states and meet with Vietnamese residents to inform them of Vietnam's policies.

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