Tony Blair to advise Vietnamese government

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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has struck a deal to advise the Vietnamese government on economics and trade, The Telegraph reported Sunday.


A team of Blair's consultants are working with the foreign ministry to support economic and trade links with the UK and the European Union, according to the report.


The deal was confirmed after Blair flew to Hanoi on two separate occasions in 2012 and 2013 for talks with Vietnamese PM Nguyen Tan Dung.


On the first visit last October, he offered to advise the Vietnamese government on issues including reforming the economy, attracting more foreign investment and adapting to climate change.


In March this year, Blair flew to Hanoi for a second time, pledging to continue supporting the relationship between Vietnam and the EU, including providing advice on public-private partnerships (PPPs), which he championed in Britain while prime minister, The Telegraph reported.


Blair has held talks with the leaders of Hong Kong and Thailand in recent months, raising the prospect that he could land further business in the Far East by the end of the year.


He has also won a contract to advise the Peruvian government on public sector reform.


The deals come in an expansionary phase for Blair's Government Advisory Practice, which earns him millions of British pounds advising governments including those of Kazakhstan, Kuwait and Colombia.


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