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Thanh Nien commemorates East Sea martyrs
May 6, 2012
Historical war hero statue set up on Vietnam island
May 6, 2012
Vietnam marine police to set up hotline with China
May 4, 2012
Vietnam, China launch hotline to resolve sea issues
March 03, 2012
Film on disputed Vietnamese islands to be screened in Europe
January 30, 2012
PetroVietnam says oil activities normal in East Sea
January 17, 2012
Vietnam, China agree to boost ties
December 22, 2011
Vietnam PM asks lawmakers to agree on demonstration law
November 26, 2011
East Asia urged to abide by ASEAN principles
November 18, 2011
Vietnam to spend $138 mln on East Sea
November 15, 2011
Vietnam, China agree to solve sea issue with peaceful talks
November 14, 2011
Vietnam president hails US as strategic partner
November 12, 2011
Int'l East Sea conference opens in Hanoi
November 04, 2011
Vietnam, Japan to open deputy minister defense dialogue
November 01, 2011
Vietnamese president wraps up successful Philippines visit
October 30, 2011
Vietnam's ties with other nations never directed against third country: deputy defence minister
October 28, 2011
Vietnam, Philippines sign MoU on naval cooperation
October 27, 2011
Vietnam, Philippines to boost East Sea cooperation
October 27, 2011
Vietnam, China joint statement calls for strengthening ties
October 16, 2011
Vietnam president pledges closer ties with India; direct flights planned
October 13, 2011
Vietnam, China agree on ground rules to resolve sea issues
October 12, 2011
Vietnam, India to expand oil exploration in East Sea
October 12, 2011
Vietnam party chief visits China
October 07, 2011
Vietnam, Malaysia look to sign deal on sea patrols
September 29, 2011
Vietnam lawmakers to draft bill on demonstrations
September 29, 2011
Vietnam seeks closer ties with Singapore, Malaysia
September 29, 2011
Vietnam, Philippines to jointly patrol East Sea
September 28, 2011
Indonesia, Vietnam agree to joint maritime patrols
September 14, 2011
Khanh Hoa to promote tourism in Truong Sa
September 11, 2011
New US ambassador vows to maintain 'strategic partnership'
September 10, 2011
Vietnam, China to try to hasten talks on sea dispute
September 08, 2011
Art on sea life and East Sea disputes on display in HCMC
September 06, 2011
Vietnam, China agree to strengthen defense cooperation
August 30, 2011
US senator meets with Ho Chi Minh City's leaders
August 23, 2011
Vietnam fisheries association calls on gov't to help fishermen illegally detained by China
August 20, 2011
China seizes Vietnamese fishing boat, demands ransom
August 19, 2011
US Senator Webb to visit Asia
August 10, 2011
Vietnam upgrades navy to protect sovereignty: deputy minister
August 05, 2011
Vietnam gets new coast patrol planes amid sea spat
August 05, 2011
No crackdown on anti-China patriots: police
August 05, 2011
Vietnam, China agree to resolve sea disputes peacefully
August 04, 2011
Vietnam, US sign military relationship
August 04, 2011
Vietnam to modernize military with Kilo-class submarine fleet
August 04, 2011
Police deny accusations of violently suppressing demonstrator
August 03, 2011
Chinese police attack Vietnamese fishing boat off Hoang Sa archipelago
July 30, 2011
SE Asian navies seek closer ties amid sea spat
July 27, 2011
US warns on East Sea, welcomes Korea talks
July 23, 2011
Glaring at the shark
July 22, 2011
ASEAN-China agree on East Sea guidelines
July 20, 2011
Vietnam to host ASEAN naval meeting, highlight East Sea issues
July 19, 2011
Vietnam marine police receive new tugboat
July 18, 2011
Vietnamese fishermen arrested by foreign navy in Truong Sa waters
July 15, 2011
US Navy ships dock in central Vietnam
July 15, 2011
Vietnam, Philippines to strengthen cooperation
July 13, 2011
Vietnam maritime police to receive new boats, planes
July 08, 2011
PetroVietnam, partners eye ConocoPhillips' $1.5 bln oil assets
July 08, 2011
PetroVietnam continues oil exploration in East Sea
July 06, 2011
US destroyer to visit Vietnam
July 03, 2011
Impoverished fisherman heading back to sea
June 30, 2011
Vietnam, China pledge to maintain peace in East Sea
June 26, 2011
US, China butt heads over East Sea disputes
June 24, 2011
Thanh Nien launches program to support young fishermen
June 23, 2011
US conference studies East Sea security
June 21, 2011
Italian journal to retract Chinese map's validity after Vietnam protest
June 21, 2011
Vietnam, US dialogue on East Sea's security
June 18, 2011
Vietnam tourism plan includes tours to East Sea archipelagoes
June 18, 2011
Vietnam, US in joint peace call in South China Sea
June 17, 2011
Chinese ships cause disturbance in Vietnam's waters again
June 10, 2011
Vietnam insists on peaceful measures for East Sea issues: defense official
June 05, 2011
On the front lines
June 03, 2011
Our restraint has been abused
June 03, 2011
Chinese naval boats threaten fishermen in Vietnam waters
June 02, 2011
Another Vietnamese ship disturbed in territorial waters: report
June 01, 2011
Fishermen impoverished by illegal activities of Chinese ships
June 01, 2011
Fishermen vow to defend Vietnamese fishing grounds
May 30, 2011
Chinese fishing boats violate Vietnam waters; gov't mulls patrol boats
May 29, 2011
Vietnam, China look to sign agreement on resolving sea disputes
May 13, 2011
Fishermen need greater awareness of marine law, Vietnam's sovereignty: conference
April 28, 2011
China inconsistent in East Sea dispute: conference
April 27, 2011
Highlight Vietnam's sovereignty better: East Sea conference
April 27, 2011
Singapore to improve military cooperation with Vietnam
April 20, 2011
Change tugs at US-China ties ahead of Hu visit
January 18, 2011
Call of the sea
January 07, 2011

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