Q&A website promotes public-parliament interaction

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A website allowing the public to directly ask questions of the National Assembly deputies was launched in Hanoi on Tuesday with the sponsorship of the British Embassy.

The website - http://hoidap.quochoi.vn will also allow the public to rank questions which could be answered immediately or by a specific deadline, according to a press release from the British Embassy.

Answers by the deputies can also be ranked.

With ₤30,000 (US$45,300) from the British Embassy, the site was developed in accordance with Yoosk site which is widely used by government's officials in the UK, the embassy said in the statement.

Last Friday, the British Embassy committed ₤100,000 ($151,000) to a nationwide campaign for raising awareness among Vietnamese people about the risks and dangers of illegal migration and human trafficking.

The campaign includes producing documentaries on migration issues, distributing leaflets to people at risk and a handbook to concerned Vietnamese officials.

The Vietnamese Immigration Department has been assigned to run the campaign in cooperation with other related agencies and the British Embassy.

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