Proposed changes to Vietnam Constitution give president more power

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Vietnam's president will be granted more authority to supervise government operations if draft amendments to the country's 1992 Constitution are passed by the National Assembly next year.

Under the draft first discussed at a regular National Assembly meeting Monday, the president will have the authority to veto any document issued by the government that is in conflict with his or her own initiatives, in order to maintain consistency.

The president will also have the power to appoint chief of the General Staff, and chief of the General Political Department, both under the Ministry of Defense.

The draft, which also changes regulations in sections on other topics such as -- but not limited to -- human rights and politics, will be introduced to the public for three months of feedback next year.

It will then be discussed again at the National Assembly session in May next year before being voted on in October.

Under the current Constitution, Vietnam's president has certain rights to supervise the government like to propose the dismissal of the country's vice president, prime minister, head of the People's Supreme Court, and head of the People's Supreme Procuracy Vietnam's highest prosecution office.

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