Prime Minister orders crackdown on anti-government websites

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Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has ordered the Ministry of Public Security to investigate and strictly punish individuals and organizations that distribute distorted information online, the Government Office said Wednesday.

The decision came after agencies concerned reported to the PM that many websites were posting falsified information to slander the government and blacken its reputation. These websites also incite people to oppose the Party and the State, according to official government propaganda.

These websites, including "Dan Lam Bao," "Quan Lam Bao," and "Bien Dong," have caused skepticism and bad impressions among the people, the Government Office said in a statement, calling the sites "evil tricks of reactionary and hostile forces."

PM Dung has assigned ministries and agencies concerned to focus investigations on these websites and strictly punish those involved according to the law.

He ordered the Ministry of Information and Communications to work with the Party Central Committee of Propaganda and Education to instruct news agencies to distribute objective and correct information about the country's various facets, especially issues attracting much public attention.

The ministry was also ordered to submit a draft decree on the management, provision and use of Internet services and online information.

Dung asked Nhan Dan (People) newspaper, Vietnam News Agency, Vietnam Television, Voice of Vietnam, the government's website and other news agencies to provide more updated and precise information and actively dismiss anti-state and anti-Party views.

He said ministries and agencies must ban their staff from reading anti-government websites and distributing information posted on such websites.

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