Party members making dubious wealth declarations: meeting

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The Communist Party of Vietnam has not made enough determined efforts to deal with internal corruption and many Party members are making dubious declarations of incomes and assets, senior officials said at an anti-corruption meeting Tuesday.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc told the meeting reviewing five years of implementing the Anti-Corruption Law that although regulations require Party members to declare their properties and incomes, not many have done so, according to a Wednesday VnExpress report.

The declarations made lacked honesty and the results have yet to be announced publicly, he said, adding the state has yet to exert proper control over property, especially real estate and properties of huge value.

"The number of corruption cases that have been investigated, charged and tried over the past five years was decreasing, while in fact, the situation of corruption is still critical and complicated," said Phuc, who is also the deputy chief of the Central Anti-Corruption Steering Committee.

He said nearly 16,000 Party members have been found committing wrongdoings, and about 3,000 have been punished. Meanwhile, 1,455 cases of corruption involving nearly 3,400 suspects have been detected.

However, not many cases of large-scale corruption were detected and handled, Phuc said,

Moreover, some cases were delayed, and in many cases, suspects were freed based on unconvincing evidence, or had their charges decreased, leading to a considerable number of defendants receiving suspended sentences.

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There were shortcomings in anti-corruption efforts with several localities being lax in this regard, Phuc said.

It is necessary to improve the role of Party units' leaders in fighting corruption, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, chief of the anti-corruption steering committee, told the meeting.

Regulations on land and resources management as well as public investment need to be improved to fill loopholes that allow corruption and wastage, Dung said.

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