No officials earn 100 pct approval in Vietnam's confidence vote

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Hanoi has wrapped up its pilot vote of confidence for 20 local officials with none earning absolute confidence from all voters, Vietnamnet quoted the city's Party secretary as saying on Tuesday.

Pham Quang Nghi said 69 members of Hanoi Party unit's executive committee cast their votes for the officials, including chairmen and vice chairmen of the city's legislative body, the People's Council, and its executive body, the People's Committee that same day.

No one was rated as 100 percent excellent, but none was considered too far below par, he said, stressing that the secret vote was an "objective" and "truthful" assessment, as it allowed voters to make their choices without fear of intimidation.

The voters expressed the level of their confidence in the officials by choosing one of the three options: "high confidence," "confidence," or "low confidence."

On the other hand, any officials found "lobbying" voters to vote favorably for them or against other officials would be "strictly" punished, Nghi said.

Hanoi administered the pilot vote in accordance with a resolution passed by the National Assembly in November, according to the news report.

The city's Party authorities would conduct more pilot votes before officially undertaking the process when the resolution takes effect February 1, it quoted Nghi as saying.

Directors and vice directors of the city's departments like internal affairs, investment and planning, and police will face the same votes during the next round of pilots.

Under the resolution, if voted officials receive "low confidence" votes from more than 50 percent of voters two years in succession, they will face a vote of no confidence.

They would also be subjected to an immediate no-confidence motion if two-thirds of voters do not have confidence in them.


49 Vietnamese officials to face vote of confidence next year

Officials who lose confidence can step down or be relieved from their positions.

According to the resolution, officials who serve in positions appointed or approved by the National Assembly and the People's Councils will be subject to the vote of confidence.

It also stipulated that 49 officials, including Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and President Truong Tan Sang, will face the vote at the National Assembly session scheduled for May.

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