Newly reelected PM lays out gov't development strategies

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Vietnam's new government will focus on the development of a competitive market economy, high-quality human resources and modern infrastructure facilities, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said in his first statement since his relection to a second term last week.


Dung said the government needs to focus on the three fields as laid out by the 11th national Party Congress in January this year in order to turn Vietnam into a modern industrial country with social stability, well-maintained sovereignty, and more a important role to play in the international arena.


He said part of the government's mission over the 2011-2016 period would be to perfect the country's socialist-oriented market economy so that a variety of market mechanisms operate smoothly with a high degree of competitiveness.


The aim is to create highly transparent markets which are well managed and supervised, the Prime Minister said.


He said administrative procedures should be reformed to raise the level of competition in the manufacturing and service sectors. He said the level of competetiveness would be used to measure the development of the market.


The government should shift from the role of a regulator to a builder of development, he added. To do this, the government will have to set up development schemes and create favorable conditions for different economic sectors, he said, adding that better state supervision would also be needed to uncover macro-economic imbalances in a more timely fasion.


Human force advancement


Dung said that science and technology have been major features governing the development of a country.


Thus, developing high-quality human resources to reinvigorate the national education system for the sake of scientific and technological advances would be a top priority, he said.


Dung also said the country should start developing its economy based on modern scientific and technological achievements, quality human resources and modern managerial skills.


Special attention must be given to the development of excellent leaders, managers, experts, business executives, skilled workers, and leading scientists, Dung added.


The government will also implement special policies to encourage green technologies that save energy and are friendly to the environment.


Infrastructure development


Dung argued that better infrastructure would lead the way for socio-economic development and production forces would be allocated accordingly.


He said the government will develop a harmonious system of modern infrastructural facilities, focusing on transport systems and infrastructure in big urban areas.


Investments will be focused on north-south transportation routes, comprehensive infrastructure in association with urban layout, power resources and transmission systems, and irrigation systems such as dykes and rivers.


Dung asked residents nationwide to contribute ideas and supervise the implementation of the strategies he laid out.


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