New government cabinet elected; PM delivers inaugural address

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The National Assembly on Wednesday approved the nominations of 26 government cabinet members by newly re-elected Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung for the 2011-16 term.

Accordingly, the government cabinet of the new term will have 27 members PM Dung, four deputy PMs, 18 ministers and four chiefs of ministerial-level agencies.

Two of the four newly elected deputy PMs are incumbents -- Hoang Trung Hai and Nguyen Thien Nhan while the two new faces are Chief of the Government Office Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Finance Minister Vu Van Ninh.

In the previous term, the government had five deputy PMs.

Of the 22 elected ministers and chiefs of ministerial-level agencies, seven are incumbents.

The National Assembly approved the nominations of cabinet members by PM Dung with 98.4 percent of votes.

On Wednesday morning, PM Dung also delivered his inaugural address, in which he promised the government would make all-out effort to build a safe, stable, democratic and civilized State.

"We will work to deserve the highest administrative body of the State. The government is determined to take legal and effective measures to fight corruption, wastefulness and bureaucratic red tape."

The tasks in the new term are to curb inflation, stabilize macro economy as well as ensure social welfare and care for the poor and low-income people, the PM said.

The government will also take measures to protect the country's independence and sovereignty; to protect the Party, State, people and socialism. In addition, the government will ensure national security and social order and to prevent any sabotage schemes and acts of hostile forces, he said.

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