New auto rules issued for overseas offices, officials

TN News

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Vietnamese ambassadors and head of Vietnamese delegations at international agencies can use a car worth a maximum of US$65,000, according to a recent government decision that takes effect on April 28.

The maximum budget for a car used by a consul general is $60,000, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has ruled.

Under the decision, Vietnam's representative agencies in foreign countries are allowed to buy from one to 10 cars, depending on the number of staff they have. Here, the maximum price will be $45,000 for the first car and $35,000 for others.

For other Vietnamese offices overseas, those with less than four officials are permitted to buy one car and those with more than four can buy two cars. The largest budget for a car in this instance is $35,000.

Cars used by ambassadors, head of Vietnamese delegations, and consul generals will be replaced after at least five years of use. Cars served for general activities of Vietnam's representative agencies and other offices will be replaced in accordance with regulations of foreign countries where these offices are located.

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