International voices: US should act unilaterally to protect the smaller nations in South China Sea

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International voices: US should act unilaterally to protect the smaller nations in South China Sea
"We welcome the emergence of a peaceful, stable, prosperous China that contributes to the stability and development of the region, and chooses to play a responsible role in world affairs."

 US Secretary of State John Kerry told China leaders at a high-level annual talks in Beijing on Wednesday, adding that the US is "determined to choose the path of peace and prosperity and cooperation" with China.

“The Philippines, Vietnam and the United States would benefit by more aggressively defending 200-mile exclusive economic zones in the South China Sea, including through unilateral military measures. If unanswered by significant and proportional military response with an economic cost to China, that country’s taking of islands and shoals near the Philippines, and deployment of billion-dollar oil rigs near Vietnam, will embolden China to take more territory, cripple the reputation of the United States, and intimidate other countries into concessions.”

An editorial on the Forbes , written by co-authors of Dr. Anders Corr, Principal of Corr Analytics Inc. in New York City, Ms. Huong Mai Nguyen, public sector East Asia analyst at the World Bank in Washington and D.C. Dr. Priscilla Tacujan of the US Army.

"China doesn't respect weakness... So when something affects our national interest, we should make it very clear about where we stand. We know the optimum is deeper engagement [with China], but we're also clear-eyed about what could go wrong. So you have to hope for the best, but manage the worst"
Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald on Thursday

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