International voices: Senator says US must "support our ASEAN partners"

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International voices: Senator says US must "support our ASEAN partners"
“As countries like China attempt to disrupt the region by violating international agreements and making illegitimate territorial claims, it's a key time for the US government to remind our allies, partners in the region and the entire world that America is fully committed to continued peace and prosperity in Asia,"
US Senators Marco Rubio reviewed a resolution, passed by the US Senate last week, which condemns "coercive and threatening actions or the use of force to impede freedom of operations in international airspace by military or civilian aircraft, to alter the status quo or to destabilize the Asia-Pacific region."

“One such test is the South China Sea. The United States has no claims in this dispute, and we should not take positions on the claims of others. Nonetheless, this dispute cuts to the heart of America’s interests in Asia – not just because $1.2 trillion of U.S. trade passes through the South China Sea every year … and not just because one claimant, the Philippines, is a US ally … but because it is crucial for a rising Asia to avoid the dark side of realpolitik, where strong states do as they please and smaller states suffer. Ultimately, this dispute is not about China and the United States. It is about China’s relations with its neighbors. But we must support our ASEAN partners – as they request it – so they can realize their own goals of presenting a unified front and peacefully resolving their differences multilaterally.”
US Senator John McCain remarked in a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on US interests in Asia.

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