Hanoi bans Party officials from having luxurious weddings

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Party officials in Hanoi are no longer allowed to hold their weddings at luxurious venues, nor can they invite more than 300 guests, according to a directive approved by the city's Party unit Friday.

Aimed to guide officials toward "a civilized lifestyle for weddings, funerals and festivals" the directive is also applied to the weddings of officials' relatives, as ordered by the Politburo.

Speaking at a sitting that day, Ho Quang Loi, chief of the Party unit's propaganda and training department, said the directive was made because many officials, especially key leaders had an "outdated mindset" that led them to hold "luxurious" and "commercialized" weddings.He said many of the officials showed signs of using weddings to gain personal benefits.

Such weddings have caused public outcry, hurt the Party's prestige, and hindered development in the capital city, Loi said.

Leaders need to follow the new regulations strictly to set good examples, and any violator will be punished, according to the Hanoi Party unit's standing committee.

In response to questions about how to detect and punish violators, Pham Quang Nghi, secretary of the Party unit, said the Party's inspectorate would be in charge of supervising officials.

However, inspectors would not assign teams to count the number of guests at weddings, but rely on people's tips-off, Nghi said.


Hanoi tries to "˜civilize' weddings, funerals, etc... 

In May this year Hanoi also issued a set of regulations aiming to ensure that traditional events like weddings, funerals and festivals are held in a "civilized" manner.

The regulations prohibit officials from using their office funds for wedding gifts or funeral offerings. They are also not allowed to use their office vehicles to travel to these events nor can they visit such parties during working hours. 

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